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H1N1 Drives Demand for Hand Sanitizers

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Ontrack helps packagers meet hand sanitizer demand surge in light of H1N1

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Over the past six months Ontrack Automation has been working closely with packaging line customers industry that have been trying to keep pace with heightened demand for hand sanitizers

The sudden global demand for these products, fuelled by the current H1N1 flu pandemic, has caught many packaging companies off-guard, exposing limitations in their line productivity and output capacity resulting in severe production backlogs and lost revenue.

When called in to provide solutions, Ontrack’s scope of work has ranged from addressing isolated problems and supplying line components and parts to complete line overhauls and, in some cases, the design and installation of turnkey line solutions. 

One customer required the installation of two new lines to accommodate the current output requirement – and needed the lines installed within three months. Under normal circumstances, the process, from initial planning and design to installation, can take several months. But with added focus on expediency, Ontrack was able to complete the work in only 11 weeks – and with no interruption to the existing line operation.

“It’s mission critical for packaging line companies to minimize production backlogs”, According to Jim McFarlane, VP Sales and Marketing at Ontrack.  “Backlogs not only result in an immediate loss of revenue, but there’s also the potential to lose longer term business opportunities. Our customer needed to address the line capacity quickly in order to meet production demands, and we were in a position to provide the solution.”

In other cases, customer requirements were much different, resulting in a different set of solutions.

“When our customers call, our first order of business is to examine the way that their current lines function and assess ways to improve them. As an example, retrofitting existing lines with things like quick-change parts and removing problem spots can go a long way in terms of increasing output capability and reliability,” says Darren St. Marie, Ontrack Engineering Manager. 

“Once we observe how it works and locate root problems, we then determine where to make improvements, and oftentimes with little or no interruption to the typical production of the line,” adds Ste. Marie.  “There is no cookie cutter approach; we build everything as modules so we can then assemble what’s required. “

With over 100 years of packaging line experience and among the senior staff, and 46 years of innovation history as Bottling Developments, Ontrack is adept at responding to many kinds of packaging line challenges.

Another key strength is the flexibility of the plant and staff.  Ontrack’s size and reach position the company as a nimble player that can respond quickly to customer’s unique and changing needs.

About Ontrack Automation Inc.

Ontrack Automation is an industry leader in Packaging Line Management, providing specialized design and manufacture of packaging line components, systems and solutions engineered to optimize the performance of container packaging lines.

Ontrack designs, manufactures, installs and supports a full line of rotary and inline orienters, feedscrews, change parts, conveyor components and provides engineered solutions for all types of package handling challenges.

Experts in Quick Change methodology, Ontrack applies principles of Lean Manufacturing and OEE in response to the growing demand for improved productivity and efficiency.

Ontrack provides solutions to many packaging industries including breweries, pharmaceutical, oil, chemical, cosmetic, juice, salad dressing, plastics, and glass suppliers. Our extensive and growing customer list includes many multinational brand leaders including Labatt Breweries, McCormick Foods, Apollo, Diageo PLC, E.D. Smith and many others.

Located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada’s technology centre, Ontrack’s state-of-the-art facilities house all design, manufacturing and QA testing and can accommodate complete on-site line overhauls.

For more information, please contact Jim McFarlane, VP Sales and Marketing

Ontrack Automation Inc.

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